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Moms-Don’t be Ashamed

Have you ever walked out of the house and pray no one you know sees you? I do, most of the time. I’ll even go as far as putting on my shades (even if it’s raining), and my mean mug face so other people don’t interact with me. Why? Well, I look awful of course! I can hardly get myself ready for the day, let alone my kid!

I only have one kid and sometimes I wonder if I’m enough or if I should be caring more about the smaller things. Like what I look  like, what I’m wearing, or what my house looks like when people come over. Then I just forget about it and decide that if he’s happy then that’s all that matters. Besides, he’s a baby and doesn’t really care what I look like. It’s how I feel about those things that matter, too. Moms, don’t be ashamed of the following, you’re not alone!


Okay so maybe I don’t notice stains on my clothes and maybe I do ?. After getting my son dressed and fighting to put his clothes on I just don’t have the patience to finish getting ready myself. I go out, and while I’m driving I notice the mouth stains on my t shirt and the green beans on my pants. I just decide to pretend that I don’t see those stains and embraced it. This happens more frequent, than not. I used to be ashamed, but I have learned to accept the fact that I can’t help that my kiddo loves me so much that he likes to share his food with me (and my clothes).  I’m a messy mom.

 Clothing Quality

Continuing with the theme from above. If I have time to actually look decent I’ll do it…most of the time I don’t. Praise the Lord for whoever invented leggings, yoga pants, running shorts and relaxed Ts- My everyday go to apparel! I envy the moms that look fly and their kids also look fly. Honestly, my way of dressing up is wearing relaxed fit shirts with some sort of saying on it. Not sure why, but I love it. Especially, mom life shirts.. I can’t wait for the day that I truly care what I look like outside my home. For now, I’m a comfortable mom.


Since my son has been born I’ve noticed that a lot of times when I head out of the house I just don’t have my face on. Meaning, no makeup at all. You would have never caught me without makeup before, but now I just flaunt what the Good Lord gave me on this head!  I’m a lazy mom.


Easier said than done to not be ashamed of your body. Trust me, I’ve struggled with this for awhile now. The “baby flap” is hanging on and not sure if it’s letting go anytime soon. It’s clutches are so tight around my body that it screams at me every time I put jeans on. I’ve learned to be confident about it though, and hopefully with time I can escape the grasp. I’m a chubby mom.


I have walked into some houses and couldn’t believe how clean and perfect it was. I immediately feel bad about the way my house is. Baby Toys everywhere, dog toys/ bones everywhere, dishes aren’t done, tulperwear strewn throughout the house (the babe is obsessed), never ending laundry…the list could go on! I’ve learned to embrace it because no matter how much I catch up on it, an hour later it’s a mess again ?. I’m always a messy mom.

Someday I will get it together. I will be able to wear the cute clothes, put my face on, get him ready, clean my house, and not have a drop of grossness on my outfits. I will perfect the mom life where other new moms envy me….Or I won’t, either way is fine. Moms, no one is perfect. Try not to worry about the smaller things. At times you may feel embarrassed about appearance and being a total disaster, but if you’re little ones are happy then that’s all that matters ❤️