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Baby Rules

It’s safe to say that having a baby today is so different from when our parents were having kids. Formula fed babies was common, co sleeping wasn’t heard of, and pictures weren’t posted every minute of a new development!

Today, there is controversy on almost every topic. Being first time parents can be scary. I’ve read so many articles on every baby topic. Breast is best, best time for crib, co sleeping or no co sleeping, is the color of his poop normal, will my child turn into a psychopath or no…the list is too long to even share.


This topic is so controversial today. By now, we all know that breastfeeding is super awesome for your babies for so many reasons. For me, I tried. I really did, and lasted about a month. I just was not comfortable, and after talking with his pediatrician I felt so much better on the decision to switch to formula.

Did I catch on fire? No. Did my son hate me for stopping? No. I envy those moms who do it and love it! You go! Whatever the case, I think all moms should support each other in whatever decision because parenting is hard! We don’t need to be shamed either way. 

Co sleeping 

This, slightly controversial due to safety, is becoming more popular than people realize. After chatting with a few moms it’s easy for this to just happen. From my own experience- through 1-6 months he did super great in his designated sleeping area in our room. That was until he got sick. It took one night of cuddling, a long hospital stay of sleepless nights for us while baby holding for him, and we have been struggling to get him in his crib ever since. It’s easy to sleep together and not deal with the struggles of getting him into his crib.

I find that a lot of older generations don’t quite understand this. Just know, the people of our generation are trying, but secretly are savoring these moments spent cuddling up with our babies.

Cry it out 

Another controversial method. There are numerous studies for it and against it. We tried. My little heart couldn’t take it. Plus, I truly don’t think he would have stopped either. I know people who have done it, and it ended up working. I know people like me who struggle to hear their babies do that. I know people who have no troubles with their sleeping sweethearts sleeping soundly ?!

There are other methods that we are currently trying…until we get tired that is, then back to our bed we go ?.


Whenever something pops up where my son is sick, has a rash, or something is off, it’s easy to google whatever is going on. Then you read the crazy scary stories that hurt you to the core! Then panic mode sets in that you’re child has something crazy going on with him!

I’ve tried a lot of things I have read, and some have worked while others don’t. A part of me blames what I have read to the co sleeping method we have found ourselves in.

Mama’s Boy 

This one is a little more personal. A lot of people have suggested that my son is a mama’s Boy. He’s 10 months, and we are together all of the time, so to say he’s a mama’s Boy is accurate.

I’ve read many articles where you wouldn’t want to raise a mama’s Boy and how to avoid it. I decided to ingnore those articles because maybe I want to have a mama’s Boy. My son will grow up to respect women,  be strong, and to love unconditionally. You can read more on the topic at this article: Raise Your Son to be a Mama’s Boy  , which solidified my beliefs on why he should be a mama’s Boy.

If you have a mama’s Boy then you will enjoy these outfits as much as I have. This one is one of my favorites > Mama’s Boy Outfit

I’m also SUPER excited about this cute duo > You’re Killing Me Smalls 

With all the controversial lists of what you should and Shouldn’t do with your little one, it’s easy to get carried away into what we read and go with what others are saying you should do. Honestly, you should go with your gut and decide what you want to do. Stop caring what others think because you know your child best and their needs.

Stay tuned for my next post on Tips when traveling with a baby!