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A Letter to Stay at Home Moms 

I recently attended a wedding where I had to go without my husband. Which is normal! We like to give each other breaks, and we have so many weddings that it’s hard to go together because there might be two in one day. While sitting at the table we got to know the people sitting with me and my friends. Then the question, “what do you do?” Came around. Without hesitation, “I stay at home with my son right now.” The man across the way-“that’s awesome! Don’t ever be ashamed of that!”
I thought to myself – “I’m not.”

Dear Stay at Home Mom,

I know the decision to stay at home with your little one(s) is a big one. It’s difficult to leave a career you worked hard to get, and worked hard to maintain. You’ll miss your co workers (maybe), and the daily routine of work life.

You’ll think of all the people in your life that will judge the decision to stay at home in this women rule the work force society. Are you letting those women down?… At one point you wanted to rule the world, or at least mold it. Many women would never leave the workforce to stay at home. They are proud of their accomplishments (rightfully!), they enjoy working, and some may (probably) judge you for wanting to be at home. They can’t fathom the thought of “just being at home”, and believe that’s “all we do”. They don’t know that it’s more than that, and they don’t know why you stay home. Bluntly- who gives a shit what they think.

From one stay at home mom to another, I know what you do. I know that you are a machine. I know that you can hold a not so still youngster while making their bottle, I know you can *attempt* to clean the house while your kiddos run around your feet wanting you to play with them, I know you just want to pee alone, I know that some of you will try to find another way to help bring in money while being home, I know you teach your child, and I know that you can multi-task like a pro.

You’re at home watching your babies grow. You’re at home molding them into great humans. You may be at home because they need extra care. You may be at home because it takes a special person to take care of your sweet one. Whatever it is, be proud. You are one lucky lady!


A Stay at Home Mom

Tips For Traveling With a Baby 

We just got back from going on a trip! Our first vacation together. Even the dog joined! We had a blast! We used Airbnb and found a cute cottage home on Brooks Lake in Michigan. We soaked up the sun, splashed around in the water, and ate so many carbs! Perfect first vacation!


Parents everywhere know that when you travel with a baby it’s like packing your entire house. Especially when you’re visiting grandparents. Yes, bring that giant jumper! They need to see him jump!

When traveling further, there are a few key things to pack and do for your babe on the trip!


I don’t mean put cartoons in front of your baby’s face, unless you’re ok with that! What worked for us was one of us sat with him during the trip to keep him entertained and happy. Longer trips can take a toll on little ones, if they see a friendly face, it can make it easier on them.

Until they finally get fed up with the car seat of course ?


Pack just the right amount of items that doesn’t take too much room, but you’re kiddo loves. I think it’s okay to leave that jumper at home this time- even though it is convenient to put them in it for a few minutes and take a breather on your trip! You could pack up the pack n play and smaller toys! The pack n play is easy to pack up, and if you’re child will, can play in there awhile while you enjoy some moments without them crawling all over you on your trip!


At some point your sweet little angel will turn into a hungry beast. It’s important to be prepared for that while you’re driving. Whether that’s with puffs, melts, or having a bottle already prepared! If you can’t prepare your bottle ahead of time, make sure you can do it easily in the car or at a pit stop!

Hurry up and feed that monster!

These tips worked for us on our short vacation! Next spring we are taking a longer vacation with my side of the family! I can’t wait for that! It’s further away, and we will be staying for a longer period.