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Framed Chalkboard

It has been FOREVER since my last post! The reason being my little guy is seriously running around everywhere! He’s also so tall that he can reach on top of everything. We also added a black lab puppy to the house along with our cartoon character of a Golden doodle. Needless to say our house is a circus. I thoroughly enjoy the crazy though! So when all is calm at night, and the toddler (omg I can’t believe he’s already a toddler) is asleep… most of the time I just want to take a breather before I go to bed. I’ll surf Pinterest, instagram, catch up on shows with my husband, and maybe clean the house.

I recently found motivation to get my next project done that I have been dying to do for a long time.  First, I found an amazing vintage frame in July when I went antiquing with my aunt around Indianapolis.

I then painted it with chalk paint.. sheepskin-Folklore. I painted one coat and then wiped away certain areas of the frame with a baby wipe that I wanted to show through. I then went back over and put a second coat of chalk paint on with a smaller brush to cover areas that I wanted to be more covered.
I then headed to Lowe’s for wood and paint. I found a thin piece of wood. I didn’t want too thick of a piece because I thought I might have troubles putting it into the frame. Once I found the perfect piece, I used a saw to cut the piece to match the size of the frame- 18×22- it was already smooth so I didn’t need to sand down before painting. I then used chalkboard spray paint. It was super easy to apply, and very fast drying.

After the first coat, I let it dry for about 30 minutes then put on a second coat. I let that dry for about an hour. I went back out and put a third coat on, and let that dry for another hour. I put the board in the frame and decided to hammer small nails in the side of the frame to secure the wood. There are other ways to do that, but that’s just what I came up with in the moment. It worked, and was super easy!

Here is the finished product… please refrain from making fun of my middle school, boyish handwriting- I know it’s horrid…

I absolutely love the finished product. It fits nicely in our home!

Project Note

* I recently discovered that I should have primed the board before spraying. The way I did it obviously works too, but the primer should make the board more smooth.

There are so many chalkboard ideas I have after making this, including different ways of making a framed chalkboard, different colors, different materials, etc.


Frame Wreath Decor

I recently took a trip to Indianapolis to scower one of the antique trails with my beautiful aunt! I haven’t been there, and she brought it to my attention that this awesome place existed. These towns have antique stores after antique stores. It was really a fun time. It’s called Antique Alley  

There has been a bare space in my living room that I’ve been dying to get something put up, but I was also itching to create something. I found the awesome frame! It’s size is large- 41X27 …..and so perfect for the space.

Such awesome detail-

The detail of this frame is so gorgeous, I almost didn’t want to touch it. However, there were only a couple spots I couldn’t live with bare so away I went with folklore sheepskin chalk paint. I love this color so much. The bottle is deceiving because it almost looks like a yellow, but really it’s an off white- to me anyway.

This is just one coat ^. I used a smaller paint  brush (you can see it in my first picture- not the waxing brush which I didn’t use). I went back over with another coat and got between the cracks. It was really easy with the smaller brush. I decided not to do any waxing, this time anyway.

I know this picture sucks, but isn’t it just beautiful?! Ugh, I’m so in love with how it turned out.

I then went to the nearest craft store and bought a fall wreath. I know, I know…it’s too early right- but I just had to buy it because I thought it was so pretty.

I also bought burlap because I wanted to hang the wreath from the frame, so it appeared in the middle. Here is the final product:

I really love it, and goes so perfectly in our space. These awful pictures don’t do it justice.

Stay tuned! I’m currently working on another amazing picture frame that I’m turning into a chalkboard!