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Daily Archives: May 11, 2017


Mother’s Day- What To Get a Mom With Babies

I have already seen a million Mother’s Day blogs, but why not add another?! Especially since this my first Mother’s Day and for many of you it will be your first! It’s really strange for me in fact. Sometimes I still look at my husband and say, “we have a human.” This tiny human has changed our lives dramatically (duh). The months leading up to this Mother’s Day have been filled with joy, laughter, and exhaustion. 

I will never forget the day I became a mother. So many emotions swished through my body all at once. You can read more about his journey here.  He’s 9 months old and on the move now! I couldn’t be more proud! A lot of my friends are just now getting pregnant, planning out their pregnancy, or are just a few months away. There is really nothing anyone can say or do to prepare you to welcome a new one in this world. Honestly, there is never a perfect time either. It’s a scary feeling, the unknown. Every mom’s journey is different, but just know you are not alone. Since having my babe, I think I have called my mom a million and one times over the tiniest things. Just another reason why my mom is awesome. I could only hope I do as great as she does.

Being a mom is amazing. I love it so much, definitely my greatest adventure. I now know what my parents were talking about when they said they worry all of the time. I don’t stop worrying and I can’t imagine how my mom did it with three daughters, haha! Like many of you out there, you may have a little one on your hands. Instead of getting flowers for the day, there might be other helpful items to receive on Mother’s Day to up your game as a mom! Not that you need to up your game, but these items will just be helpful ;-).

  • Diaper Bag- Okay, so mom’s probably have a ton of them by now. However, they might want a few more options! Or, they might have had the same one for a long time and want to update. This would be a great mother’s day gift! I actually don’t use the usual diaper bag. I use a giant bag I received as a bridesmaids gift from Bath and Body Works! It’s large and pretty! That way I can go out to a restaurant and double as a purse and diaper bag. BAM!


  • Baby Walker- I know you are probably thinking “this is not a product for a mom.” Yes, it sure is! Our son loves his walker. We put him in it and he just zooms around. I also love his walker. He is entertained for the longest time which means I can get something else done, like clean the house. Ok I probably won’t be cleaning, but someone else might. Mom’s hands can be free of baby while he’s buzzing around the house.


  • Inflatable Safety Bathtub. Unfortunately, this is not a tub where warn out moms get to sit in a bubbling fountain that spits out wine. That would be awesome. However, this product is awesome for moms even though it’s not really for them! This one ups your mom game and it makes life easier. I have one and my son enjoys it SO much. Plus, all of my other mom friends always ask where I got it!  It blows up into a miniature bathtub. The set up is really easy. If you have a bike pump you can blow it up in minutes. There is a suction cup attached to hang in the tub area to dry OR it also provides a way to hang it on a hook to dry. It also has cool Disney themes. We have the Cars theme which can be found in the link. You can find the product by clicking here


  •  Anything Coffee- Moms with young babes most likely are obsessed with coffee. If that’s the case then this is a simple go to gift area. This can include a coffee mug, to go cup/tumbler, K Cups (if they have a Keurig) or coffee grounds. You could be super awesome and get all of the above and place it in a cute basket and say Happy Mother’s Day! Simple and thoughtful of their caffeine needs!


  • Gift Card- Some of you may not like the idea of giving a gift card. Let’s be honest here, you can never go wrong with gift cards, especially for Target ;-). Don’t mom’s just go crazy when they hear the name Target? I am picturing myself sprinting into Target now with my son hanging on tight in the cart. You could get her a gift card that has something to do with being pampered. You can never go wrong with that either!

So make bath time easier with a cool bathtub or give that mom an energy boost with coffee! I know some of these aren’t the most traditional Mother’s Day gifts. Get out of the picture frame funk and do something different! Whatever you do, don’t leave your mom, wife, grandma, or whoever out this Sunday!